India-Thailand Faculty Abroad Programme: A Resounding Success by MIT Square London.

Thailand Faculty Abroad Programme

Bangkok, Thailand Jun 5, 2024 ( - In a remarkable display of international academic cooperation, the Faculty Abroad Programme (FAP) between India and Thailand organised by MIT Square, London and Shinawatra University, Thailand has concluded with resounding success. The initiative, aimed at fostering academic exchange and professional development, saw a delegation of Indian faculty members embark on a transformative tour of Thailand.

Dr. Mithileysh Sathiyanarayanan, CEO of MIT Square, London shared his experience: "The Faculty Abroad Programme has been an incredible platform for cross-cultural academic exchange. It has not only broadened post-doctoral researchers perspectives but also opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation." The programme was led by Mr. Sathiyanarayanan Kesavaraj and Ms. Bhuvaneshwari Loganathan, directors of MIT Square, Asia. 

One of the significant outcomes of the tour was the inauguration of the RAISE Centre of Excellence, the signing of several Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs), and setting the stage for joint research initiatives. Notably, a pioneering project between MIT Square and Shinawatra University aims to develop sustainable solutions beneficial to both countries.

The programme featured a series of webinars and interactive sessions, delivered by Indian Post Doctoral Fellows across a wide array of disciplines including engineering, information technology, social sciences, and business management. 

Dr. Sonia Jenifer Rayen, Dr. Maniraj S P, Dr. Antony Vigil M S, Dr. Karthik T S, Dr. Revathi K, Dr. Gracy Theresa W, Dr. Pabitha C, Dr. Deepajothi S, Dr. Nandini Prasad K S, Dr. Veena R S, Dr. Preetha M, Dr. Prem Jacob T, and Mr. Prince P presented their research work. Shinawatra University hosted these sessions, witnessing an enthusiastic response from Thai students and faculty alike.

Beyond the academic engagements, the programme included cultural immersion activities. Indian faculty members participated in traditional Thai ceremonies and community projects, while also sharing elements of Indian culture through culinary exchanges, traditional music, and dance performances. These activities have fostered mutual respect and a deeper cultural understanding between the two nations.

The success of the India tour of Thailand has set a positive precedent for future exchanges. Plans are already in motion to host Thai faculty members in India, continuing the cycle of mutual academic enrichment and cultural exchange. This initiative aligns with both countries' commitment to strengthening educational ties and fostering international cooperation in higher education.

Source :MIT Square

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