Author and Life Coach Eric North Offers Advice on How to Be Confident.

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New York City, New York Jul 5, 2024 ( - Eric North is a life coach, best-selling author, and motivational speaker who has dedicated his life to guiding his followers to find their life's ultimate happiness and solace. In his journey of helping others to find their happiness, he has earned the name of 'The Happiness Warrior'. Now he is sharing his thoughts and advice on how to be a super confident person who can tackle every hurdle that life throws at them. North says that everyone knows that feeling when people see a super-human being enter the room, effortlessly cool, confident, and entirely comfortable in their skin. These are the kinds of people who are in tune with their values and authentic with demeanor and words, possessing an aura of ease, grace, composure, and a ready-for-anything mindset. These people also know that their value comes from within without the need for validation from others, and make their own decisions and think for themselves with clarity.

People like these take up the light and radiate it outwardly, capturing everyone's attention and radiating a positive vibration. These are the kind of people that everyone wants to be like because a hard-core person is always a beautiful sight to see, carrying a certain swagger or confidence in stride and posture. The world and the crowd opened up around them, giving a vision for others to cheer for and emulate. In a world of conformity, enforced cohesion, and curriculum, a hard-core person, also known as a "badass" is the one who lives by their own rules, unshakeable morals, and core values. They fully understand that their words have spirit and speak with precision and confidence. 'The Happiness Warrior' also says these people know that all actions have value and never waste time on anything impossible to change. So they move forward through life with agility and vigor, never stopping to play the victim or aggressor.

This is why North says it is extremely important to be self-confident because life can be random at times, but with self-discipline and mindset, people can win any battle. According to the life coach, too often in life, people find themselves in a place where they don't recognize who they are and wonder how they got there. This might be a result of taking a path to please parents or feed their egos and not considering the consequences and unhappiness of their actions. This can cause people to feel anxious and uneasy daily. North is here with his advice on how to be thick-skinned, and extremely confident so that people can avoid the sinking feeling that gets worse every day.

The best-selling author suggests observing others who people admire and watching how they move through their lives with skill and passion. It is important to feel the energy and integrate the powers of intention and momentum. He also asks his followers to keep a confident demeanor both at home and in public. This can be achieved by keeping the shoulders straight, head held high, and focused on the world around us, while focusing on the posture so the dignity may rise. North says it is essential to be courageous because learning to stand up for values and dreams is a life-changing moment. The only bad thing that will happen is that people will quickly realize who supports them and who wants to keep them down. He also advises on giving importance to actions, because actions speak louder than words, and most people do not respect the spirit and energy that their words invoke. So it is important to understand that it is in their positive actions that they find the most happiness and fulfillment.

The Happiness Warrior advises his followers to be brave and face obstacles head-on and watch them disintegrate through our positive attitude and actions. He thinks nothing is as scary once people see it for what it is, so they should make them even smaller by saying them aloud. It is also important to develop a personal style that comes naturally with a look that transcends trends and fashion hype. Because appearing at peoples best is a sign of competence and creates trust. North places importance on being genuine and living in truth at all times which always comes with respecting others and valuing privacy and discretion. A powerful person never gossips or idolizes celebrities or politicians. The life coach thinks cultivating acts of kindness and empathy makes a person powerful that everyone else admires. He says this is how people can create change in the world, through our words and actions.

The motivational speaker further asks his followers to never complain or show any signs of fear of confusion, because complainers are weak and never provide any solutions. Powerful people know when to let others go. Lastly, North believes that a true strong-minded, and commanding person is never a victim and is ready for anything. He thinks that these people are unshakeable that they never falter under pressure or adversity, and know how to walk through the fire. As 'The Happiness Warrior', Eric North thinks all people deserve to unleash their inner dominants and achieve the lives they deserve and dream about. For more such advice, visit


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