‘The Happiness Warrior’ Eric North guides His Followers on Finding a Greater Self-Respect.

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New York City, New York Apr 18, 2024 ( - Eric North is a world-renowned motivational speaker, life coach, and best-selling author. He is known for guiding his followers to find the ultimate happiness and solace in their lives. This earned him the nickname of 'The Happiness Warrior' and a flag bearer of true happiness, he believes that all humans deserve to be happy with the same basic level of dignity and respect. According to him, every human has their own set of flaws. So it is how people determine their attitude and mindset that makes the difference between living happier lives or surrendering to failure and malign intentions. He says everyone is worthy of celebrating but they waste all of their time in a state of victimhood, regret, and self-discouragement. The reason behind it is the illogical fears self-created fears that harm peoples ability to find happiness. This is why it is important to confront fears with courage and see themselves in a new light with clarity and self-acceptance.

The life coach recalls that he encounters people whore at war with themselves too often and living in a self-created dichotomy of unhappiness and discontent. He sees that they feel they arent being seen and heard and often act out their anger in petty acts of hatred and rage. North feels these are the kind of people who are never happy. Part of the reason is that they are selfish in their base desires and rarely consider their impact on those around them. He says most people naturally seek to increase their level of respect for their lives and determination on their destiny. People know deep down that there is a difference between right and wrong but somehow people have allowed others to make their decisions and shape their futures.

North says it is in how people can forgive themselves and others in which they grow a renewed and vital sense of self-respect and love for who they are. When people can see their innate skills and powers rise above their faults and past misdeeds. So it is important to know for certain that all mistakes and tragic events in peoples lives are lessons and seeds for a new approach to life. The ability to rise through the chaos and learn who they are will lead to finally seeing themselves in the rise in vibration that comes when they can practice self-awareness and view their lives with clarity and intention.

'The Happiness Warrior' advises that nothing lasts forever, not even the pain and suffering and this is what will always help people to remain humble and grounded. The bestselling author also says the most important thing to remember is self-respect is self-love. He says there is nothing sadder than seeing another human who is suffering from feelings of guilt and shame that were created by others. People havent learned to love themselves for who they are and havent yet realized how much they deserve. So they search for saviors or leaders to lead and allow others to make their decisions. Somehow, they forget that they deserve to have a voice and make their path.

He further says the sad truth is that the world that everyone lives in is set up for this very purpose and reason. In this world, the control of the masses is done by a few. It is an upside-down and unwelcome paradigm in which people are currently living. This leads to the ten easy advice that 'The Happiness Warrior' gave on making a habit of gaining more self-respect. He says to do things that make people uncomfortable and break through their fears. Because all that is stopping people from being their best is self-created fear and self-doubt. He then asks his followers to speak more distinctly and feel the world change as they stop sabotaging themselves. He also says to honor yourself first and learn to say no to unimportant things that don't bring joy. At the same time, it is also important to develop self-discipline to create actions that have meaning. Self-discipline is an acquired skill that all humans are capable of experiencing and this is how people become warriors and leaders.

The life coach says to prioritize habits that have value and provide meaning and fulfillment. At the same time, North says to learn to reset and breathe when people feel their emotions rise. It is also important to make peace with those that people no longer care for and remove hate from their vocabulary. North also tells people to consciously take on responsibilities and duties that require grit and determination and take the lead and action when others fear to step in. Because helping others is how people find greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Lastly, Eric asks us to never let the bad mood of others intrude on our spirit and mindset. So it is always important to be upbeat and help others rise and raise their vibration. He says building self-confidence takes courage, but the formula is simple. One small act of kindness to themselves or others leads to greater self-discovery and enlightenment. For more such uplifting guidance, visit:

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