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Japanese Traditional Crafts Recommended for Tourists

Tokyo, Japan Jan 4, 2024 ( - FORTUNA Tokyo, the Japanese luxury brand based in Tokyo, conducted a nationwide online survey from October 10th to October 11th, 2023. This survey, targeting 300 men and women aged 18 to 90, delved into 'The Charm of Japanese Craftsmanship: An Awareness Survey on Traditional Crafts Recommended by Japanese for International Travelers.

The Charm of Japanese Craftsmanship AI Summary Movie:

Rapid Increase in Inbound Tourists:

As a result of the survey 61.33%, both male and female, reported a recent increase in the number of tourists, indicating a noticeable growth in inbound tourism. Many foreigners increasing on the streets of Japan.

Recommended Traditional Crafts for Foreign Tourists:

A random sample of 300 Japanese individuals was asked about traditional crafts they would recommend to foreign tourists. Edo Kiriko, Kyoto Sensu (folding fan), Nishijin (weaving), Arita-yaki (porcelain), and Odate Magewappa (wooden bento box) ranked in the top five.

To familiarize foreigners with these Japanese traditional crafts, ideas were solicited, and effective methods for global expansion and promotion were explored.

Global Expansion and Promotion of Traditional Crafts:

According to the survey results, effective methods to promote traditional crafts globally include showcasing them in popular foreign media.

Examples include Tango Chirimen (traditional fabric) and Nishijin-ori (Kimono weaving) jacket worn by American R&B singer Omarion during a television program.

Mr.Omarion wearing FORTUNA Tokyo Jacket

Also, renowned figure Bobby Brown made a striking appearance at the Essence Festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana, donning a coat made of traditional Tango chirimen silk from Kyoto Japan.

Bobby Brown wearing FORTUNA Tokyo at Essence Festival

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Appearances of Japanese traditional crafts in international collections like New York Fashion Week made an impact as well.


Protection and Prospects for Traditional Crafts:

Various opinions were gathered on how Japanese individuals should contribute to preserving these aspects of their culture. Responses to the survey classified 4 categories for protecting traditional crafts:

1) Education and Promotion: "Traditional cultural education in schools," "providing opportunities for the younger generation to experience," "information dissemination through social media."
2) Government Policy and Support: "Financial support from the government for artisans," "promotion of training successors."
3) Innovation and Updates: "Modernization of traditional crafts," "introduction of new exhibition methods."
4) Market and Demand: "Strengthening promotion domestically and internationally," "developing products in forms easily incorporated into daily life."

In conclusion, the inheritance of traditional crafts holds significant meaning for the preservation of Japanese culture, and its dissemination and proliferation to the world are becoming increasingly crucial.

Survey on Japanese Culture and Traditional Crafts Details:

Survey Target: Random individuals surveyed online to obtain more accurate information, with an equal distribution of men and women.
Valid Responses: 300 (men and women aged 18 to 90)
Survey Period: October 10, 2023, to October 11, 2023

About FORTUNA Tokyo:


FORTUNA Tokyo is a domestically produced brand with a mission to preserve and revive traditional Japanese crafts in the modern era. It proposes "Wa-Modern Classic" items that fuse tradition and trend, ranging from Nishijin-ori neckties and Kyoto Sensu to men's wear and leather goods. The brand participated in Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo in October 2017, showcasing the "SAMURAI REPRISE" collection for Spring/Summer 2018. FORTUNA Tokyo also presented "2020SS SAMURAI HISTORY" at New York Fashion Week in September 2019, gaining attention from both domestic and international media.


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